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10 Out of 100+ Things To Learn From Our New eBook

We have collected some of the most read global guides to country-specific online advertising markets form out blog at Joinville. We figured it could be neat to have them packaged into one file at your disposal! The following are the top 10 reasons you should download our free eBook (truth be told there are probably 100+ reasons to download our eBook but we managed to narrow it down to 10) free ebook, tour, guide, advertising, marketing, learning

1. A comprehensive guide

Our eBook serves as a nice run through of online advertising marketing in many different locations. There locations include Poland, Russia, China, India and Africa. It's easy to think you know the basics on multicultural marketing, but as you should know, all cultures are different and respond to a variety of triggers. No culture is truly alike in terms of consumer behavior.   marketing, advertising, details, multicultural, marketing tips, ebook

2. Details.

The following are just examples of what you will learn. Poland: There are more than 22 million (57.3% of total population) Internet users and 4 million mobile Internet users in Poland, while around 60% of Internet users notice and are influenced by online advertisements according to previous research. Russia: Russia is already the largest Internet market in Europe. Based on the research from GP Bullhound, around 67 million people (around 47%) in Russia are internet users, which were mostly from outside of major cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. China: It is hard to deny that Asia-Pacific is already a giant in online advertising market since the ad expenditures in the region have reached $27.3 billion in 2012.  Among the Asian countries, China plays a more and more important role in the worldwide advertising market. India: India is among the top three fastest emerging Internet markets all over the world. A study shows the number of Internet users in India was around 137 million in June 2012 with annual growth rate of more than 40 percent. Due to its huge population base and advantages in IT industry, the Internet market in India has huge potential to continue growing. Meanwhile online advertising market in India also has developed rapidly along with the India growing Internet market, with an annual growth rate of 27% from 2008 to 2013 even though the advertising industry shrinks since many companies cut budgets on advertising during the financial crisis period. Africa: Although Africa is much less developed than Europe, North America and most Asia Pacific countries in terms of economy development, its telecommunication and internet market is one of the fastest growing in the world with huge potential since it is still in its early stage. Since the development of internet and online advertising market in Nigeria leads the whole Africa, we would like to share more details about the online advertising market in Nigeria and best tips for marketers like you to launch multicultural marketing campaigns for Nigeria market efficiently.   multicultural, marketing, advertising, multicultural marketing, adtech, edbook, marketing tips, international, world

3. User Demographics

According to the Internet World Stats, worldwide Internet users reached almost 2.5 billion by 30th June 2012. The population of China in 2012 is around 1.3 billion and the Internet users in China is around 564 million, which is around the total populaton of USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom, with a penetration of 40.1% marketing, advertising, adtech, free ebook, ebook, multicultural marketing, business, adtech


4. How to Launch Online Advertising Campaigns

If you are interested in launching online advertising campaigns successfully to attract a certain group of audiences in for example Poland, except for seeking the right online advertising channels as we mentioned previously, there are a few tips that you should know first and we are more than happy to let you in on that little secret with whichever niche audience you are interested in targeting.   marketing, mobile, ecommerce, multicultural marketing, adtech, free ebook, ebook, marketing tips

5. Mobile Advertising

Interesting fact about the Russian mobile market is that: although they have the highest mobile penetration rate of 159%, only 25% are smartphone that enable the existence of mobile advertising, which is pretty low comparing with other countries in Europe like France or Sweden. The current mobile Internet penetration is around 20% but growing rapidly, around 50% annually! This indicated the great potential of the mobile advertising marketing in Russia. marketing, advertising, multicultural, adtech, ebook

6. eCommerce Education

The eCommerce market is booming in Poland as well. According to the statistics, there are more than 12000 e-shops on the Polish market at present and it is estimated that Polish peolple would spend around 1.75 billion EUR per year, which constitutes of 3% of total trade market in Poland. Fun fact: Groupon is the largest eCommerce website in Poland!   ebook, marketing, multicultural marketing, india, ecommerce, adtech, advertising, free ebook, programmatic, rtb

7. Main Ad Spenders in India

According to the study of IAMA, we know travel, BFSI, Telecom and Automotive are among the top ad spenders in the Indian online advertising market. Statistics show Indians enjoy traveling, and one out of five Indians have visited the Indian railway website. In addition, along with the increasing income in both urban and rural areas of India, the automotive industry grows rapidly: As a result, the ads spending in this sector exhibited one of the highest increases in online advertising market in India. chinese, asia, marketing, multicultural, advertising, multicultural marketing, free ebook, marketing tips, programmatic, rtb

8. Culture

The religious affiliations of most Filipinos (90%) are Roman Catholics and Christians, while the minority of Filipinos are Islam and Buddhists. One interesting phenomenon of Filipino immigrants is that they have little identification with their heritage and are reluctant to identify themselves as Asian Americans, which is probably due to the colonial mentality. On the other hand, most Filipinos are fluent in English and have a high level of education.   marketing, multicultural, advertising, multicultural marketing, free ebook, marketing tips, programmatic, rtb

9. Unique Mainstream Targeting Audience

Young Turkish people develop and adopt fresh ideas and seek new trends, moving on to pushing the online markets in Turkey to grow even further. Many young Turks living in Istanbul equip themselves with the latest smart phones and other technology, which helps them exceed many other countries in development of online marketing. turkey, turkish, istanbul, marketing, multicultural, multicultural marketing, advertising, adtech, ebook, marketing tips, ethnic, nice

10. Top Online Advertising Strategies in Turkey

As you should know, language plays a huge role in multicultural marketing. Since around 80 million people in Turkey are Turkish speakers, many of them don't speak English, and there are over 2 million Turkish speakers in other countries that opt in for Turkish online advertising campaigns. But aside from language, which sites do they frequent? How does this relate to your brand? Read more to find out!  
Written by Stephanie Lindgren

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