Month: November 2009

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Happy Eid al-Adha!

Todays is the start of the muslim celebration Eid al-adha so we here at Joinville just wanted to wish all people celebrating this holiday a Happy Eid al-adha!

November 27, 2009 0

UK – Industry to Track Portrayal of Ethnic Diversities in Advertising

From next week (30th November) the industry will be able to track the numbers of people from ethnically diverse communities cast by agencies and advertisers as artists in TV commercials.As a result of conversations between the IPA and Clearcast, agencies will have the option of stating whether the actors within their advertisements are from Black,…
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November 24, 2009 0

Best Buy Wishes Muslims Happy Eid al-Adha – Complexities of Multicultural Marketing

Sometimes multicultural marketing can be tricky for a company due to the cultural and religious aspects (but hey, has religion ever been easy, people?) Best Buy stands by its decision to wish U.S. Muslims a Happy Eid Al-Adha, a rep for the company said, and though some Best Buy customers took offense, a Muslim advocacy…
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November 24, 2009 0

Latin American Immigrants Are Changing Spain

If at one time the emigration of Spaniards to Latin American countries was commonplace, the reverse process during the last decade has made Spain into “one of the world’s chief recipients of foreigners,” according to sociologist Miguel Requena. Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Argentina are the countries that have contributed most to boosting the number of…
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November 23, 2009 0

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November 20, 2009 0

Below The Topline: U.S. Hispanics and Acculturation

SUMMARY: The U.S. added nearly 1.2 million persons of Hispanic origin to the population between 2007 and 2008, raising the Hispanic population from 15.1% to 15.4%. And new Hispanic immigrants are expected to continue to come in large numbers for the foreseeable future. Since a large share of the Hispanic population in the U.S. will…
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November 17, 2009 0

Marketers Call for Multicultural Focus

If one way to outfox the economy is to stimulate growth, increasing the attention paid to multicultural or ethnic consumers is a smart strategy, according to speakers at the opening general session of the 99th annual conference of the Association of National Advertisers. Neil Golden, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at the McDonald’s…
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November 16, 2009 0

Yahoo Launches Mobile Site En Español

Yahoo has launched a Spanish language version of its mobile homepage. The company cites Census data that reflect a population of 46 million Hispanic people in the US. Yahoo also cited comScore data that show tremendous mobile internet growth among Hispanics, which is “outpacing that of all other groups, with 88% of Hispanics consuming content…
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November 13, 2009 0

Google AdWords Expands Product Ads – CPA Pricing

Good news for advertisers – Google will be testing a new feature of AdWords called Product Listing Ads. Product Listing Ads works with an advertiser’s Google Merchant Center account to serve highly targeted ads that include richer product information directly in the ad itself – including product image, price, and merchant name. Starting today, U.S.…
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November 12, 2009 0

Continental Airlines To Begin Selling Ad Space on Website – Targeting Hispanic Frequent Flyers?

Continental Airlines plans to begin selling ad space on its website. The airline company signed a deal with Winstar Interactive Media to sell advertising on The two entities hope the airline’s reach – 10 million unique monthly users – will be appealing to marketers. The move is an extension of other media platforms –…
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November 12, 2009 0