Month: February 2010

Data-driven advertising

Targeting Multicultural Groups By Income? – Check this out!

If you’re lost on where to start when carving out your first multicultural marketing campaign, check this out – it’s a graphic on US income distribution across ethnic groups. Go here for the full graph. While this is a US-based study I can say that we are seeing similar results in Europe where Hindus (Indians)…
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February 24, 2010 0

The Chinatowns of Europe – Do You Know Them?

Many of us have been to New York’s Chinatown to shop, maybe eat at McDonald’s Chinatown (!) and stroll around. But did you realize that there are quite some Chinatowns in Europe as well? Spread across many European countries the biggest urban chinese concentrations an be found in the UK, France and Germany. This Wikipedia…
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February 11, 2010 0

Facebook users now over 400 Million – Your next multicultural customer will probably be there

Facebook is celebrating their 6th birthday and at the same time announcing that they now have 400 million users on Facebook. If you haven’t done it already, make sure to position your products and brands on Facebook as we’ve seen before that the ethnic segments are already on Facebook. And as the multicultural audience take…
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February 5, 2010 0

Google Improvement for Arabic Searches

The Arabic language can be tricky to work with when it comes to doing online SEO, marketing content and creatives online and offline, especially if all your computer settings are in Western alphabet and fonts. There are workarounds but we see that many search engine queries are done with Western characters, something that is common…
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February 4, 2010 0

Ethnic Population – Visualizations & Maps

At Joinville, we are big fans of visualizing data and converting to a tool for making business decisions for our clients in multicultural online marketing and ethnic advertising. One of the best online tools for visualizations is Many Eyes, developed by IBM and CUE‘s Visual Communication Lab. We’ve created a topic center for “Ethnic populations”…
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February 1, 2010 0