Month: September 2010

Data-driven advertising

Ethnicity by city block – great way to visualize ethnic community groups on maps

Flowing Data just posted some very nice-looking maps of ethnicity by city blocks for US cities. Mapping it by dots instead of fixed boundaries gives the maps a whole new dimension and detail richness. The only downside? That this kind of data doesn’t exist for European cities…;( Retail companies with a lot of ethnic customers…
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September 22, 2010 0

Dating site reveals cultural differences between multicultural groups

Done with a sense of humor, dating site OK Cupid analyzed 526 000 members according to the race they had registered and came up with some interesting profiles for each group.Of course you cannot generalize this way (even though 526 000 is a large number), but it gives you ideas for important buzz words in…
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September 9, 2010 0

Culture: The New Stimulus for advertising

Some insightful recommendations on leveraging culture into advertising from Susan Jaramillio @ AdWeek.

September 8, 2010 0