Month: March 2014

Data-driven advertising

Multicultural Holiday Infographic: How do Eastern Orthodox Christians Celebrate Easter Holiday?

Only a few weeks before Easter holiday (April 20, 2014) comes.  As you may know, Easter is a Christian festivity of the Jesus Christ resurrection, which is widely celebrated by predominantly Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox countries. Eastern Orthodox is very influential among many Southern and Eastern European countries and Easter holiday is a very important part…
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March 31, 2014 0

Weekly Tip: Comparison between IAB Rising Stars and UAP ad units

Believe or not, many advertisers and publishers already tried new ad formats with IAB standard ad dimensions, which are called Rising Stars. On the other hand, UAP ad formats (Universal Ad Package, such as Medium Rectangle, Wide Skyscraper, Leaderboard, etc.), also known as “scalable inventory”, is still a common practice in the online advertising world.…
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March 25, 2014 0

8 Facts about the Persian & Kurdish New Year Nowruz You Should Know (Infographic)

This week comes the most important ethnic holiday for the Persian and Kurdish communities – Nowruz (20th of March). There are more than 187 million people celebrating the new year Nowruz nationally and globally. Are you curious about how Iranian people celebrate their biggest holiday of the year? Then check out our newest multicultural holiday infographic and find out…
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March 20, 2014 0

Multicultural Marketing: How to Target Overseas Japanese the Right Way?

Japan is well known for its innovation and success in the production of quality products as well as the ability to market them globally. On the other hand, Japanese consumers are considered for many brands and advertisers as well-educated, tech-savvy, brand-oriented loyal customers with high income level who value quality and service much. Although Japanese…
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March 10, 2014 0