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We take online ad fraud seriously

We Take Online Ad Fraud Very Seriously

Online ad fraud has emerged as one of the big threats to the online advertising eco system. Impression fraud refers […]

Niklas Nikolaidis on how Joinville bundles multicultural audiences.

Programmatic AND Multicultural: Joinville’s Niklas Nikolaidis Discusses The Need For Sophisticated Niche Audience Targeting

Niklas Nikolaidis is the VP of Sales & Business Development and founder of Joinville, a Stockholm-based niche audience buying platform […]

White Paper
Joinville's multicultural marketing survey results

Multicultural Marketing Industry Survey 2014 – Trends & Results

The marketing industry’s first survey on trends and demographics on the marketers moving the niche sector forward.

Case Study
Sofia Vergara Business Skills

Sofia Vergara’s Best Kept Business Secret

There are media stars who featured across all gossip and entertainment channels 24/7 and you tend to get a firm […]

Multicultural advertising news

Exciting Times At Joinville!

Finally, after a long warm and beautiful summer, is autumn coming to Europe. And with it comes a lot of […]


Willys högsta lojaliteten för mataffärer bland mångkulturella grupper

Under Q4 2013 genomförde Joinville en studie angående mångkulturella gruppers preferenser av mataffär i Sverige. Syftet med studien var att […]


Multicultural Marketing 101

Our crash course on Multicultural Marketing. Multicultural Marketing 101 from Niklas Nikolaidis


Culture in Online Marketing

On this blog we write about the things we work with at Joinville; areas like online advertising, multicultural marketing and […]


The Importance of Language in Marketing Campaigns

Being a copywriter at an ad agency is pretty rough. Not that I am a copywriter but when thinking about […]