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muge akkocoglu

"10 out of 10. They are so king and know what they are doing."

Müge Akkocoglu
Marketing Manager at EuroGida

"We have tried many different networks, but Joinville is the only network able to delivering result to a portal like ours that has audiences spread all over the world."

Bardya Zamani
Webmaster at

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5 Things You Should Know About Multicultural Marketing

Marketing to migrants living in a new country has many names – multicultural marketing, ethnic marketing or diversity marketing. Even […]

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Introducing Easy To Setup Online Brand Awareness Surveys

Joinville Introduces Online Brand Awareness and Consumer Purchase Intent Surveys (Stockholm, Sweden December 20, 2012) Joinville, the multicultural trading desk, […]


Business Case for Cultural Diversity Research In Marketing – Impact on Bottom Line Numbers

Cultural Diversity in product research and company marketing is essential for widespread success but is harder to implement than we […]

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Number of foreign-born people in Europe

Did you know that there are 38.4 million foreign-born people living in Europe? According to Eurostat 38.4 million people live […]


Ad World Desires [NEEDS] Multicultural Tech Talent

While reading a post on Ad Age about how the “Ad world needs more multicultural tech talent“ I started thinking […]

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Infographic: Diversity in Multicultural Online Advertising

Diversity in advertising is important and can be the deal breaker for your business. Showing too little diversity in the […]

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New Study Links US Hispanic Marketing Focus Among CPG/Retail Companies to Overall Corporate Growth

The new study from The Voice of Hispanic Marketing has been released and it revealed a positive connection between corporate […]

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Foreigners in Germany set up a third of all new businesses

Foreigners in Germany set up a third of all new firms – The Local via @TheLocalGermany

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Multicultural Spend on Entertainment

Multicultural Spend on Entertainment.