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Data-driven advertising

Introducing Easy To Setup Online Brand Awareness Surveys

Joinville Introduces Online Brand Awareness and Consumer Purchase Intent Surveys (Stockholm, Sweden December 20, 2012) Joinville, the multicultural trading desk, is introducing in-banner online brand awareness and consumer purchase intent surveys as part of its product portfolio. Brand awareness surveys are usually a pretty cumbersome and expensive process to set up with data collection being…
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Business Case for Cultural Diversity Research In Marketing – Impact on Bottom Line Numbers

Cultural Diversity in product research and company marketing is essential for widespread success but is harder to implement than we can imagine. Budget restraints, people resources or knowledge on multicultural marketing practices will always put a limit to how much a company can do. US Novartis wanted to reach it’s business goals of increasing sales…
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Number of foreign-born people in Europe

Did you know that there are 38.4 million foreign-born people living in Europe? According to Eurostat 38.4 million people live in a another country than their home country. If we count as well the 2nd generation immigrants (born in their parents’ new country) then we reach more than 70 million people.

December 13, 2012 0

Ad World Desires [NEEDS] Multicultural Tech Talent

While reading a post on Ad Age about how the “Ad world needs more multicultural tech talent“ I started thinking about the endless possibilities multicultural ad people brings to n online advertising business like ours.”…It’s difficult enough for agencies and brands to compete with start ups for the brightest tech minds…it’s even harder when you’re…
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Infographic: Diversity in Multicultural Online Advertising

Diversity in advertising is important and can be the deal breaker for your business. Showing too little diversity in the advertising will keep new customers from being attracted to your brand. Showing too much and some customer will feel alienated from i the brand. But recent research shows that diversity if really fundamental for some…
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April 5, 2012 0

New Study Links US Hispanic Marketing Focus Among CPG/Retail Companies to Overall Corporate Growth

The new study from The Voice of Hispanic Marketing has been released and it revealed a positive connection between corporate Hispanic marketing and revenue growth specific for CPG and CPG-based retail companies. The data showed a significant difference in the revenue growth rate attained by CPG companies with a higher focus to the Hispanic market…
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Foreigners in Germany set up a third of all new businesses

Foreigners in Germany set up a third of all new firms – The Local via @TheLocalGermany

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Multicultural Spend on Entertainment

Multicultural Spend on Entertainment.

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China Internet Advertising

RT @ClickZ: China Internet Advertising 101

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Foursquaring the Hajj

RT @RWW: Foursquaring the Hajj

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