Best Infographic to Quickly Learn the Indonesian Online Advertising Market

In Asia, China already replaced Japan as the No.1 country in terms of digital ad spend several years ago and the importance of the Chinese online advertising market keeps increasing. Last month the biggest IPO ever in the United States were done by the Chinese Internet giant- Alibaba Group. However, would China take the lead of online market in Asia-Pacific?  Not necessary, according to eMarketer´s statistics, although the advertising market in Indonesia is not as big as China and Japan, it is the country with the highest growth rate in APAC, which will exceed the 50% benchmark until 2018. Today we present you the best infographic to learn Indonesian online advertising market quick. With more than 249,900,000 population (2013,World Bank, United States Census Bureau), Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world. It is estimated that around 74.6 millions (2013), which counts around 30% of the overall population are Internet users in Indonesia. Among these Internet users, 31.7 million spend at least 3 hours per day online, and half of them are aged below 30. Many of the Indonesian Internet users get connected through mobile devices (86%). The vast Internet user base and fast growth rate make the Indonesian advertising market stand out from the other Asia-Pacific markets. The online advertising market in Indonesia is rapidly growing and is taking over the traditional way of business. Right now the Indonesian market is still developing in its early stage with huge potential. Marketers, take a close look at our infograhic since Indonesia is the next big thing in the online advertising industry! Indonesian-online-advertising-market
Written by Magic Man

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