Best Tips To Advertise and Target the eSport Gaming Niche Audience

With the world of eSports on the rise and gaining larger audiences and enthusiasts, it is becoming more and more attractive for businesses to tap into this upcoming market and niche gaming audience. Do you already know how to target the eSport gaming audience? This infographic sheds a light on the culture and its potential for the online advertising industry. Many eSport events are already sponsored by large multinationals such as food and beverage giants Coca Cola, RedBull and McDonald's and hardware suppliers Intel, Logitech and Samsung. However, there is a lot of opportunity and market share to be gained and the sooner you join the game, the bigger the chance you have on succeeding. So, view the infographic and use it to your advantage!
gaming infographic

gaming infographic

Written by Stephanie Lindgren

Steph has a knack for video games, photography and urban exploration. She spends her free time in her apartment that smells of rich mahogany, and is filled with many leather bound books.