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Case Study: MasterCard Reaches Corporate Clients in the Middle East with Joinville

MasterCard Worldwide, is one of the largest multinational financial service corporations. With over 5,000 employees and 25,000 financial institutions issuing their debit and credit cards, MasterCard has capitalized on developing new technologies to process payments safe, simply, and efficiently. Helping MasterCard to communicate their leisure offerings, Just Dine, Joinville built and managed successfully display campaigns for MasterCard for 8 different markets in the Middle East.

Launching their dining concept, Just Dine, in the Middle East, MasterCard was looking for channels to introduce the concept to the larger Middle Eastern audiences. Just Dine gives the customers discounts at many national restaurants and they can earn rewards as they eat at one of the restaurants.

One part of the launch strategy was to run online campaigns on the major regional sites to increase awareness for the program’s benefits. Backed by Joinville’s global campaign platform and experience from running campaigns on international markets 2 campaigns was launched on websites trafficked by visitors from the Middle East. Sites were handpicked from categories suitable for leisure products. They were a mix from regional publishers, ad exchanges and partner ad networks to accomplish the best results and reach as many visitors as possible.

It didn’t take long for the display team at Joinville to see results. Within days, MasterCard saw drastic improvements for its dining concept; CTR for the campaign showed a 55% higher-than-region-average for the complete campaign flight, total impressions saw a boost of 50% and time spent on campaign optimization decreased with 30% through Joinville’s optimization functionality.

For MasterCard, Joinville’s ability to scale a display campaign in 24 hours was the key to the campaign’s success. The scale and the optimization management made that the campaign contributed to the uplift in diners across the Middle East.


MasterCard Worldwide is one of the largest multinational financial service corporations. The company provides millions of electronic transactions and services throughout the world since 1966.


  • Launch dining concept Just Dine in 8 markets in the Middle East.
  • Increase awareness and drive restaurant clients to corporate partners.


  • Find right mix of websites for audiences interested in dining.
  • Optimizing so the best performance websites gradually got increase budget without cannibalizing on the CTR.


  • Achieved 55% higher CTR than average campaign in the region.
  • Increased campaign to other sites for extended reach.
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