BBC Multicultural Display Campaign Success Among African Audiences

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BBC Multicultural Display Campaign Success Among African Audiences

February 19, 2016 Case Study 0

Sports campaigns can be hugely successful among multicultural audiences and BBC leverages Joinville’s expertise in finding the right sites for their African football campaign.
Joinville helped BBC to promote their African football campaign (voting for the BBC African footballer of the year 2012) by targeting African groups living in the United Kingdom and in their home countries on certain football and sport sites, including the following 11 African countries, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Morocco and Senegal. Joinville’s ability to optimize traffic internationally turned out to be remarkable and the CTR not only exceed the client ́s goal by 27%, but also 171% higher than the average CTR in the United Kingdom. It was very impressive for some African countries like Zambia and Malawi, where the CTRs of the BBC campaign were almost 300% higher than the average.

To this end, traffic had to be first driven to the BBC’s site, followed by voting for their favorite African footballer of the year.

• The first step was to test traffic, drawing on Joinville’s volume for UK and African inventory. This process assured that the optimal media blend would be allocated for the BBC African campaign.
• The campaign was targeted at all kinds of devices (including desktop, mobile and tablet, etc), and delivered 24/7.
• The third party tags were applied to all BBC African campaign ads, ensuring effective campaign monitoring, measurement and performance analysis.

From the very beginning, Joinville aimed at activating actionable content for high CTR and engagement rate by ensuring that the content and design of creative material did deliver an optimal conversion rate. When choosing the display network, Joinville focused on inventory that provided the highest conversion and the highest possible CTR, as well as meeting the clients’ special requirements for category targeting (African football and sports sites). Moreover, professional 24/7 dedicated Account Managers in Joinville monitored and optimized the BBC African campaign during the whole period.

Joinville’s trading desk offers premium ethnic and international inventory, total control of campaign conversion, campaign optimization, advanced targeting and dedicated teams.


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