Rebtel Explores The Migrant Market Successfully Launching Mobile Campaign

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Rebtel Explores The Migrant Market Successfully Launching Mobile Campaign

February 5, 2016 Case Study 0

Based on its nature to connect the world, telecom companies are likely to achieve impressive ROI from their global ethnic marketing campaigns. Rebtel connected with Joinville to target migrant customers in the US, UK, France and Canada using Joinville’s platform and expertise in multicultural marketing, running a campaign that targeted mobile users.

Rebtel Group is one of Europe ́s fastest growing mobile companies, providing services to make it easier and cheaper for migrant communities to call back home. For an international telecom company targeting ethnic markets like Rebtel, multicultural display campaigns are one of the most suitable choices for them to reach the targeting audiences to promote their services. With the support of Joinville’s integrated multicultural marketing solution and global advertising platform, Rebtel executed to target 10 different ethnic audiences in UK, US, Canada and France and deliver the advertisements efficiently.

In order to achieve a satisfying result, Joinville’s dedicated team selected the best online media blend of migrant websites (including regional publishers, ad exchanges and partner ad networks) for Rebtel to target potential mobile ethnic clients, driving the traffic to the Rebtel site to download the Rebtel app and call abroad. Moreover, Joinville worked delicately with in-flight optimization to ensure the performance of campaign keeping it improved and maintaining at a better-than-average level. All the Rebtel advertisements were third party tag formats, which made the campaign monitoring, performance analysis reliable and easy to track.

With Joinville’s 24/7 campaign management and optimization, the Rebtel campaign achieved an amazing result. The CTR for the campaign showed a more than 50% higher-than-region-average in US and Canada, especially on Arabic and Indian sites. For Rebtel, Joinville’s speciality in multicultural marketing, capability in campaign optimization and responsive communication were the keys to succeed in the campaign.


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