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Looking Beyond Cultural Festivals in Ethnic Marketing

Looking Beyond Cultural Festivals in Ethnic Marketing In his now famous book, The Culture Code, Clotaire Rapaille explains how Nestl√© used his help to start selling coffee in Japan. They contacted this French-American psychoanalyst and marketing consultant when Nestle was unsuccessful in making the Japanese buy coffee. Rapaille soon discovered that the Japanese had no…
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October 25, 2016 0

3 Powerful Multicultural Marketing Trends for 2017

Every year, we start off by looking at multicultural marketing trends around the globe. We have already discussed how major brands are falling short of engaging multicultural consumers with marketing campaigns that are simply not trustworthy nor authentic. As instruments were tuned for the playing of Auld Lang Syne, 2017 promises to bring additional challenges…
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January 4, 2016 0

Diversity enters Comic Book industry

  It’s more than just big retail brands doing a fantastic job at embracing diversity. Superhero films and comic books have, by and large, reflected a single demographic – the white male. ¬†While there has been great diversity in the character and temperaments of these superheroes – the nerd, the playboy, the All-American – there…
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September 30, 2015 0

Multicultural Holiday Infographic: Ramadan 2013

Although there is still one month left till the one of the most important Multicultural Holidays of the year “Ramadan”, many marketers already started to prepare their marketing campaigns to benefit from the holiday sales. As you may know, holiday seasons generally boost the sales and consumption almost double than usual, which works for Ramadan…
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June 7, 2013 0

Online Advertising Terms: What Is A Good CTR?

Although CTR (Click Through Rate) is one of the most common standards for evaluating the performance of online advertising campaigns, many people still don’t have clear understanding of what a good CTR is. Indeed, there is no simple answer for that, and the valuation of a good CTR varies on different targets, channels, ad formats,…
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April 12, 2013 0

Introducing Easy To Setup Online Brand Awareness Surveys

Joinville Introduces Online Brand Awareness and Consumer Purchase Intent Surveys (Stockholm, Sweden December 20, 2012) Joinville, the multicultural trading desk, is introducing in-banner online brand awareness and consumer purchase intent surveys as part of its product portfolio. Brand awareness surveys are usually a pretty cumbersome and expensive process to set up with data collection being…
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December 20, 2012 0

Infographic: Diversity in Multicultural Online Advertising

Diversity in advertising is important and can be the deal breaker for your business. Showing too little diversity in the advertising will keep new customers from being attracted to your brand. Showing too much and some customer will feel alienated from i the brand. But recent research shows that diversity if really fundamental for some…
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April 5, 2012 0

Foreigners in Germany set up a third of all new businesses

Foreigners in Germany set up a third of all new firms – The Local via @TheLocalGermany

January 2, 2012 0

Multicultural Spend on Entertainment

Multicultural Spend on Entertainment.

January 1, 2012 0

China Internet Advertising

RT @ClickZ: China Internet Advertising 101

December 29, 2011 0