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Meet the Chief Yahoo! of the Arab World

Samih Toukan’s life motto, “It’s better to try and fail than to fail to try,” has made him the globe’s […]

85 % of US Hispanic Online Searches Done In English

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) done correctly can be cost-efficient, quick and a fast ride straight into your Hispanic target group […]

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Top Searches July on Yahoo! En Español

The top searches on Yahoo! En Español for July were: Entertainment News Sports There’s been a lot of talk about […]

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With Online Search – Bayram Peaks Twice, Ramadan Once

Ramadan 2009, the month of fasting for Muslims around the world, is coming up and with it many first-time ethnic […]

Now You Can Advertise Next To Your Competitor’s Brand Name on Google

Starting June 4, marketers in some 200 countries will be able to purchase rival trademarks as keywords to trigger display […]

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Banner Ads Give Nearly as Many Searches as Clicks

Search-engine firm iProspect together with Forrester has published a study that suggests a much closer relationship between online display advertising […]

Checklist for Geo-Targeting Through Search Engine Marketing

Using search engine marketing on Google, Yahoo and MSN is becoming more common and should be a key ingredient in […]

Insights from SEO Copywriters around the world – Multilingual Search Marketing is hard, people

Sometimes working with multilingual search engine marketing can be tricky…Mother Tongue has this to say on the complexities of writing […]

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Behavioral Targeting Possibilities for Multicultural Online Advertising

Recently, Google made an announcement on enhancements to the possibility to use behavioral advertising through their advertising network AdSense. As […]