Case Study

Clinique Finds Arabic-Speaking Women In The UK Through The Joinville Display Trading Desk

Targeted lifestyle ads from Clinique reaches Arabic-speaking women on lifestyle sites. Clinique was introduced in 1968 after an article in US Vogue which discussed whether great skin can actually be achieved through a proper skin care regime. Their products are now sold in more then 139 countries and territories. Clinique offers products for men and women of all ages, ethnicities, skin types and skin concerns. Helping Clinique to communicate their eye care product, Even Better Eyes, to Arabic-speaking females in the UK, Joinville launched and successfully managed display campaigns on Arabic lifestyle sites. Launching their eye care product, Even Better Eyes, to Arabic-speaking females in the UK, Clinique was looking for suitable channels to introduce the Dark Circle Corrector concept to the larger Middle Eastern female audiences in the UK. Dark Circle Corrector is a lightweight, hydrating eye cream which is clinically proven to visibly lighten dark circles. The specific criteria for the campaign focus was lifestyle sites that catered to Middle Eastern female audiences living in the UK. Joinville’s planning platform selected +40 sites suitable for the campaign. The sites were a mix from regional publishers, ad exchanges and partner ad networks to accomplish the best results and reach as many female visitors as possible. CTR for the campaign showed a 57% higher-than-region-average for the UK and similar campaigns. Campaign was capped with 3 views per unique user and day. For Clinique, Joinville’s ability to scale such a narrowly targeted display campaign in 24 hours was the key to the campaign’s success.
Written by Stephanie Lindgren

Steph has a knack for video games, photography and urban exploration. She spends her free time in her apartment that smells of rich mahogany, and is filled with many leather bound books.