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Connect With The Swedish Online Community @ Internet Dagarna

When it comes to connecting with Sweden's growing online community, there's no better event than Internet Dagarna, otherwise known as Internet Days. This action-packed two-day event is a must-do for anyone who wants to learn more about how Scandinavians work with the Internet in various ways.

About Internet Dagarna

Internet Dagarna was founded in 2009 by the Internet Foundation in Sweden - ISS. This independent, non-governmental organization is responsible for the oversight of .se, Sweden's leading nation-specific domain. ISS actively promotes the positive development of the Internet in Sweden, with a special emphasis on encouraging original Swedish content and policies that directly impact how Swedes access online resources. Held each year at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, InternetDagarna brings together participants and exhibitors from a wide range of internet-related industries in Sweden, including private enterprises, educational institutions, start-ups and policy makers. During this exciting, diverse two-day event, 18 different seminars, workshops and speeches will be held simultaneously, so it's important to plan ahead! There's keynote speakers, such as Ethan Zuckerman (director of MIT Center for Civic Media), Kathryn Parsons (founder of Decoded), Daniel Sinker (director of Knight-Mozilla OpenNews), and many more. Also included in this stacked event, industry insiders and exhibitors all gathered together, making this event a great place to network!

Who Should Attend

Unlike many other industry-specific events that target high-level audiences, InternetDagarna is designed to be open and easily accessible to all walks of life. You don't need to have a degree in computer science to attend, nor do you need to work for a company that's related to the online world - you just need to have a genuine interest in learning and you're good to go. In order to make it easy for everyone to go to InternetDagarna , the organizers have kept the pricing low: it's a mere 1,000 kr per day, 2,000 kr (excluding VAT) for both days. This means that you can pick which day you'd like to go, or join in on both days - it's entirely up to you!

Don't Speak Swedish? No Problem!

While the majority of the workshops and presentations are held in Swedish, there's a number of events planned that will be hosted in English only, including Nordic Domain Days - two days dedicated to developing collaborative relationships between registries, registrars and users;Hardwiring Freedom - a day spent discussing online surveillance and internet security laws; andFaster Than Lightning, a full day dedicated to exploring both theoretical and practical tips on how to improve the speed and functionality of websites in the face of evolving, mobile-centric technologies. Even past this, as mentioned previously there are plenty of industry speakers and exhibitors that speak English and are more than happy to start a conversation with. In addition to this, Swedes are often times more than happy to get a chance to practice their English.

For More Information

To learn more about Internet Dagarna, check out the official website - You can also follow the event on social media using the hashtag #ndd15, or better yet, head on down to Stockholm and join in on the fun at Internet Dagarna 2015! If you are unable to attend, wherever you may be, have no fear! Luckily the folk hosting Internet Dagarna have got with the times, and here will be a live stream of the event for those who can't make it out this time around. Included in this stream, distant viewers will also have access to all the keynotes from the main stage these next coming days.
Written by Stephanie Lindgren

Steph has a knack for video games, photography and urban exploration. She spends her free time in her apartment that smells of rich mahogany, and is filled with many leather bound books.