Guide to the Online Advertising Market in Poland

While some European countries are still struggling and trying to recover from their recession, Poland’s economy has grown rapidly for more than 20 years straight and seems to become the new engine of European economy. It is also considered to be one of the healthiest of the post-Communist countries. When it comes to Polish online advertising market, although it might not as big as the U.S, Japan, China and U.K, it still boosts at an amazing speed along with the development of its economy and offer huge potential for marketers. If you are interested in knowing the online advertising market in Poland and learn more tips to benefit from mastering launching online marketing campaigns in Poland, you wouldn’t want to miss this article.

The Online Advertising Market in Poland

As we know, Poland has an area of 312,685 square km, which is located in Central Europe with a population of 38.4 million people (July, 2012). It is considered that Poland’s economy as one of the rapidest growing within the EU. The online market in Poland also shows its prosperity: There are more than 22 million (57.3% of total population) Internet users and 4 million mobile Internet users in Poland, while around 60% of Internet users notice and are influenced by online advertisements according to previous research.

Moreover, almost all the mainstream media outlets in Poland (such as TVN, Radio RMF FM and Gazeta Wyborcza) have developed their online portals. According to the research, nearly three quarters of Polish Internet users said they watch TV online while more than half read daily press and listen to radio through Internet.

Even though the traditional media industry in Poland would probably shrink this year, the online advertising market in Poland still grows rapidly (62.1% growth rate for Polish online advertising market in 2011, IAB Polska) with an estimated value of $519 million due to the increasing consumption of online media, search and communication, etc. Based on the statistics, the online advertising market contributes around 60% of the total ad spending growth through all media channels.

Most importantly, ROI for online advertising in Poland is the highest among all media channels, according to a Nielsen report based on more than 2000 campaigns in Poland.


To be mentioned, the most active sectors to launch online advertising campaigns in Poland are among real estate, automotive, tourism and catering, etc.


Important online advertising channels in Poland

Since we have some basic understanding about the Polish online advertising market, when it comes to launching online advertising campaigns in Poland, what are the most important online resources that marketers should pay attention to?

First, Google, Youtube, and are the winners in terms of numbers of users. For search engine market in Poland, Google dominates the market undoubtedly, with a market share of around 97.5%. This means marketers should improve the search ranking or even launch search campaigns on Google to attract their targeted audiences.

Second, social media is another important online resources that advertisers should consider using when launching Polish campaigns. (Nasza Klasa) used to take the leading position in the social media market in Poland, however Facebook became the most popular social media in Poland after 2011, with around more than 7 millions Polish users and occupying the 24th position in the global ranking of all countries on Facebook.

Third, the E-commerce market is booming in Poland as well. According to the statistics, there are more than 12000 e-shops on the Polish market at present, and it is estimated that Polish people would spend around 1.75 billion EUR per year, which constitutes of 3% of total trade market in Poland. To be mentioned, Groupon is the largest E-commerce website in Poland.

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Last, mobile and video is getting more and more popular in the Polish online media world due to the vast usage of smartphone and mobile Internet access. Although the expense to launch online advertising campaigns on mobile and video might be more expensive than traditional online display and search campaigns, it is still a wise and widely favored investment for its high ROI and engagement rate compared with traditional TV, radio and press media.

How to launch online advertising campaigns effectively in Poland?

If you are interested in launching online advertising campaigns successfully to attract certain groups of audiences in Poland, except for seeking the right online advertising channels like we discussed before, there are a few tips that you should know.

First, it is important to choose the right ways of online advertising. From the following chart, we can see that display ads take the lead of the online advertising market in Poland, having the most attention of the advertisers.


Second, it is important to use the popular ad formats in order to get sufficient inventories with good quality. Markers need to pay attention that the main ad size in Polish online advertising market is “Double billboard” (750*200), which consist 28% of total inventories. Meanwhile, the “billboard” (700*100) is very popular in Poland and is replacing the “Leader board “(728*90). It is vital for markets to aware of this when designing creatives for online advertising in Poland.


Third, taking advantages of launching online advertisers during multicultural holidays in Poland could bring better result for the advertisers. Most Polish people tend to be a relatively religious group, with most practicing Roman Catholicism. For example, Christmas and Easter are major holidays in Poland.

This week is the traditional Easter holiday in Poland and the celebrations are not limited to Easter Sunday, but from Palm Sunday to Wet Monday which lasts a week. During the Easter holiday season, it is a Polish traditional culture to take baskets of Easter food to church to be blessed, and many households in Poland consume and prepare lots of hard-boiled eggs, cold meats, babka, lamb and other dishes to celebrate Easter holiday. Therefore, it could be beneficial for food retailing companies in Poland to launch their multicultural marketing campaigns and boost the sales during the Easter holiday. Besides, in major cities like Warsaw, music concerts always take place during the Easter week. Meanwhile, Easter holiday is also a shopping season that deserves extra attention of marketers since local Polish people and international travelers would normally purchase a lot of Easter foods, Easter eggs, and other Easter-related souvenirs during the Easter multicultural holiday to celebrate the spring in Poland.

Happy Easter holiday!

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