Multicultural Marketing Infographic: Important Multicultural Holidays

If you are fond of traveling and interested in holidays, you might notice there are two big events coming up this weekend in China and Brazil that attracts attention worldwide, Chinese New Year and the Brazilian Carnival. Both of these celebrations include consumer spending on travel, food and gifts. In other words, perfect for running multicultural marketing campaigns. However, due to the diversity of ethnics, religions and cultures, there are different multicultural holidays globally that advertisers need to pay extra attention to when planning to launch multicultural marketing campaigns.

Why launch marketing campaigns during multicultural holiday seasons?

According to the statistics, holiday seasons normally represents around 40% of annual revenues, which is only around 25% of the year. Especially before Christmas in December, the online average conversation rate increases more than 100% in US. In other words, multicultural holidays do stimulate the sales and enable brands and advertisers to have an excuse to establish themselves into consumers' lives and seize the consumer trends. With proper multicultural holiday themes, locating the right media and targeting the right audiences, it is likely for brands to succeed in their multicultural marketing campaigns and gaining larger market share. To achieve that, we would like to summarize the most important multicultural holidays globally for your reference in our Multicultural Marketing Infographic.

Important Multicultural Holidays

Written by Magic Man

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