Online Marketing Infographic: Multicultural Marketing in Canada

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Online Marketing Infographic: Multicultural Marketing in Canada

January 8, 2014 Infographic 2

Although Canada is the second largest country in the world by area, it only makes up around 0.5% of the world’s population. Until December of 2012, the overall population in Canada was over 35 million and foreign-born Canadians count around 20% of the total population. That 7 million population multicultural market represents huge market potential and it is not enough to reach these ethnic groups by only launching mainstream marketing campaigns. Now we would like to show you how to manage multicultural marketing campaigns wisely in Canada by using our online marketing Infographic.

Multicultural Marketing in Canada

With successful experience with more than 300 global / multicultural marketing campaigns, Joinville have sufficient knowledge and expertise to help advertisers target different ethnic groups / specific audience groups (by gender, income level, interests, etc) in different countries as they wish, delivering the ads at the most efficient and relevant channels to maxmize the client´s ROIs. Thanks to the cutting-edge ad technology, the media buying method for Joinville is 100% programmatic buying, enabling advertisers to reach massive premium inventories through multiple Ad exchanges, partnered ad networks and more than 300 cooperated direct ethnic publisher sites. Are you interested in launching multicultural marketing in Canada? Don´t hesitate and contact us today and we are willing to help you with any question.


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