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Infographic: Diversity in Multicultural Online Advertising

Diversity in advertising is important and can be the deal breaker for your business. Showing too little diversity in the advertising will keep new customers from being attracted to your brand. Showing too much and some customer will feel alienated from i the brand. But recent research shows that diversity if really fundamental for some multicultural groups. And you can't really ignore what 50 million people think about multicultural online ads, can you?

Diversity in Multicultural Advertising

When Yahoo ran this survey on US Hispanics they found that almost 50% of the respondents didn't feel like the ads were targeting them. Tags: , ,   Source: Yahoo Advertising
Written by Niklas Nikolaidis

Niklas Nikolaidis is the founder of Joinville; a trading desk and SaaS ad platform that powers digital multicultural campaigns via direct and programmatic media buying.