Joinville Industry Interview: Ajay Misra, Publisher & Ad Ops Manager, Diversely Digital

Now we continue our interview series to meet media planners and know more about how they see the advertising industry and so on. This time we invited Ajay Misra from Diversely Digital in London to share his insights on the ethnic market and media planning. Ajay joined Indoor Media from 2007 and he leads the Ad Ops team across mobile, social, video and display campaigns. Now Ajay is the Publisher & Adops Manager at Diversely Digital

Q: How did you get into media planning? 

A: The media industry has always been of interest to me and I never realize the opportunities that were available until I starting working for Indoor Media. When I became publisher manager we realized more time was needed for planning campaigns and listening to clients needs. So working with my team, I gathered a good understanding of creating and executing media plans and ensuring clients budgets were being spend wisely.

Q: What do you like most about your job in media planning? 

A: Negotiating with the publishers to ensure our clients are receiving the best rates. Also calculating and creating detailed media plans.

Q: What is the biggest challenge in your work? 

A: Approaching new publishers especially because majority them are aboard, so overcoming language barriers and agreeing the best terms to work together.

Q: Are there any industry trends and technologies that you find exciting that might help your clients? 

A: The recent census has helped support our case as to why ethnic audiences should not be over-looked. Google display planner and Comscore are excellent tools for planning but excel got to be my favorite for collating all publisher data.

Q: Do you expect increasing spending on online media this year (display, search, mobile, social or something else)? 

A: Certainly as online is the most transparent media in terms of monitoring activity, clients cannot afford to ignore spending on digital. We are all spending more time on our laptop, tablets and mobiles, so advertisers need to keep up and come up with innovative ideas.

Q: What do you think of the differences between mainstream campaigns and multicultural campaigns? 

A: Mainstream campaigns are easier to manage but I would say if Ethnic campaigns are well planned and clients take into consideration the audience group they can be a lot more rewarding as they are tapping into new set of customers.

Q: Do your friends and family understand what you do on the job? 

A: To be honest …no. They think media is an exciting industry and actually think I get a lot more perks than I actual do and they have no idea of my day-to-day work. My personal opinion working in online media for 7 years now, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. You are always kept on your toes and each day’s work is different to the day before.

Written by Magic Man

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