Case Study

KLM Gains Great Attention from African Audiences in the UK

With the assistance of Joinville's integrated multicultural marketing solution, KLM was able to reach the targeted African audiences (Nigeria, Pan African and Ghana) in the United Kingdom to promote their 'Surprise' KLM African campaign, increase the brand awareness of the African potential clients and draw them to enjoy the services by KLM.
In order to distribute the ads previously and efficiently, it is important to find a proper combination of local websites appealing to targeted audiences. Joinville’s global trading desk and integrated multicultural marketing solution offer sufficient premium inventories to customize the best ever mix for the client, ensuring the KLM African campaign to be built with diversity plus quality. With the involvement of regional publishers, partner ad networks, and ad exchanges, KLM’s Surprise African commercial ads were delivered to the African audiences in UK through the African local sites, achieving the satisfactory.
Integrated multicultural marketing solution and intelligent campaign management are keys to KLM to gain great attention from those African audiences in the United Kingdom.
Through the campaign, KLM reached sufficient African audiences and created the brand awareness successfully as planned, with a 100% higher-than-country-average CTR (United Kingdom) for the campaign. Joinville’s excellent capability of campaign optimization and global ad networks are the key to the satisfying accomplishment of the KLM African campaign. KLM successfully reached and explored the African multicultural market successfully in the United Kingdom with the help of Joinville Display.


KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) is an international airline company based at Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It operates worldwide and connects more than 90 destinations.


Launching the Surprise KLM African campaign in 3 African groups in the United Kingdom, raising brand awareness and increasing the engagement.


  • Choosing the best mix of local sites to meet the targeted audiences’ interests.
  • Optimizing the best performance websites while improving the CTR.


Accomplish the goal with with the CTR that is almost 100% higher-than-region-average, increasing the brand awareness among the targeted audiences.

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