3 Powerful Multicultural Marketing Trends for 2017

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3 Powerful Multicultural Marketing Trends for 2017

January 4, 2016 Multicultural Blog 0

Every year, we start off by looking at multicultural marketing trends around the globe. We have already discussed how major brands are falling short of engaging multicultural consumers with marketing campaigns that are simply not trustworthy nor authentic. As instruments were tuned for the playing of Auld Lang Syne, 2017 promises to bring additional challenges for brands looking to break into multicultural markets in important ways. We have identified the top 3 most powerful trends that will emerge in the upcoming year for multicultural marketing:

1. Honor Relationship Marketing

Smart phone adoption and reliance continues to increase with an estimated 2 billion consumers worldwide expected to own a smartphone by 2017. Leveraging the opportunity to be connected with customers in meaningful ways on a consistent basis presents monumental opportunity. But, meaningful is the key word.

The essence of relationship marketing is to focus on establishing and nurturing stronger loyalty and long-term customer engagement rather than on the individual and immediate sale. When companies encourage consumers to develop strong, emotional customer connections to their products, loyalty is established, which drives repeat purchases and word-of-mouth promotion.

Relationship marketing is the secret sauce to establishing trusted brands within the multicultural community. Through meaningful customer relationships and conversations, companies create brand advocates. Placing members of the target community in the forefront of the marketing campaign is an essential way to not only understand the needs and drivers of the target demographic, but also to build trust and relationships within the community.

Intrusive, multicultural approaches based strictly on numbers and not relationships will be left in 2016 and focusing on relationships will effectively grow businesses.

2. Create Niche Marketing Campaigns

One of the biggest fails of multicultural marketing in 2015 was basing campaigns on the assumption that different cultural groups are homogenous. For example, Hispanics are not a monolithic group. Designing an inclusive strategy targeted at the intended Latino audience requires understanding and comprehensive market intelligence. When clients opt to work with a general marketing agency, they will likely receive a mainstream marketing plan.

What we have come to understand about niches will no longer apply. Marketing agencies will begin to further niche into subcategories, in order to attract multicultural clients. Multicultural marketing campaigns will also be required to drill down further into smaller niches in order to effectively reach their target market. In order to build necessary, meaningful relationships for marketing success, smaller groups will be targeted on a more personal level in 2017. And marketing agencies who understand this and hire specialized teams who embrace the deeper needs of more segmented multicultural groups will find tremendous success in 2017.

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3. Create Effective Native Campaigns – Video Anyone?

Native video will become the top choice for marketers in 2017. The visual web is changing the way we consume content, and video is leading the way. Native video complements the content and design of a website in an effort to communicate a message more effectively, and is positioned to become the most consumed video format. Understanding that all messages, even ones communicated through video, are not delivered the same cross culturally will be important for multicultural marketers in the upcoming year.

An interesting example is how Allstate adapted their “Mr. Mayhem” marketing campaign for the Hispanic community, since Latino culture attributes bad luck to circumstance and not an individual. The video marketing campaign was adjusted to accommodate the demographic’s belief system, allowing the campaign to be more effective. Considering cultural differences and drivers when creating video campaigns will be more critical than ever in 2017.

The upcoming year is filled with promise for marketers and multicultural marketing campaigns have tremendous opportunity to embark upon uncharted territory. Moving away from mass marketing to focus on building relationships, understanding smaller consumer segments, and acknowledging cultural variations in video production will guarantee a success new year.

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