Multicultural Marketing Infographic: US Hispanics & Online Advertising

As the largest ethnic group in the U.S, Hispanic Americans count around 16.3% of the U.S. population (52 million) and they are very important for any company trying to explore the U.S. market. In general, Hispanics refers to the ethnic group with origins in the countries of Latin America or Iberian peninsula, such as Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Colombian, etc. Statistics show US Hispanics own the purchasing power of around $ 2.2 billion and this number continues growing along with the booming of their population in the U.S. Generally, most of US Hispanics are young, tech savvy, and like to use Internet. Around 33.5 million US Hispanics are active online, while most of them like E-commerce, online advertising and social media sharing. Therefore, advertisers should make good use of online advertising campaigns to target US Hispanics. If you want to discover more about US Hispanics & Online Advertising, check our new Multicultural Marketing Infographic as below. US-Hispanics-Infographic-Multicultural-Marketing
Written by Magic Man

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