10 Brilliant Multicultural Marketing Presentations That Will Help You Understand Niche Marketing

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10 Brilliant Multicultural Marketing Presentations That Will Help You Understand Niche Marketing

September 1, 2015 Multicultural Marketing Research 0

So yeah. You’ve heard about multicultural marketing but kind of never realized the potential, right? That’s why your hard-working amigos at Joinville has compiled the best multicultural marketing presentations on Slideshare on hispanic, multicultural, ethnic, cultural and diversity marketing. (There is a lot more naming we could have used but this blog post will not be that long.) Enjoy!

1. This Insightful, yet Stylish Nielsen Consumer Impact Study.

2. OMG! This One Even Has A Youtube Video In It – Thank You, Jack Morton WorldWide.

 3. This One…Seriously, It’s Only Here Because Of the 2 Guys On The Cover And Their Haircuts. Pero Nos Gusta!

4. Infographic Looking At Hispanic Cultural Orientation And Not Just Language Preferences

5. A Loooong Presentation Introducing Cross-Cultural Thinking First Instead of Multicultural Targeting

6. Our Very Own Multicultural Marketer Survey Infographic On WHO and WHAT Is Trending Inside The Multicultural Marketing Industry

7. Mobile Is Hot And An In-depth Look at the Hispanic And African American Mobile Advertising Ecosystem Will Add Value To Your Own Pitch Deck

8. Creating Content For Millennials – Yes, Millennials. Because The Majority Have a Multicultural Background

9. We Love This Title – Ethnic Marketing of Lamb And Mutton…But Hey, It Also Contains Valuable Content

10. And Finally, Let’s Not Forget About Canada. Multicultural Populations Are Called Visible Majority And This Presentation Has All The Data You Need

And there you have it. Our favorite Slideshares on multicultural, ethnic, diversity or cross-cultural marketing. It would make life for us marketers a whole lot easier if we could just agree on 1 (one) term for it, don’t you think?
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