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The Multicultural Market

The multicultural market is huge, and it’s getting bigger.

  • In the US alone, there are 105 million in the minority population which is 34% of the overall population.
  • The US Hispanics alone have an estimated purchasing power of $ 1.3 trillion and 68% or 36.8 million people are savvy internet users.
  • In Europe there are over 42 million people in the minority population and in countries like the UK the purchasing power is over £ 300 billion (eq. $ 482 billion)
  • On both continents the minority population is far younger than the rest of the population making these target audiences the future consumers for advertisers to target.

With Joinville, you will be able to:

  • Get access to premium multicultural websites that are top-of-mind for the users,
  • Sell to a very small group granularly or go very big and get massive scale in seconds,
  • Get advice on how to effectively target multicultural internet users in display, search, mobile and social media

Multicultural internet audience statistics

The multicultural audience is particularly attractive because its members are early technology adopters, index higher on mobile internet usage, and are large influencers of general society today.

  • US: On average, Hispanics spend 17 hours per week online, but they spend 14 hours per day with a technology device (versus 8 hours for the general population).
  • UK: Ethnic groups agreed more than the UK population in general, that they “often notice advertisements on the internet”. Ethnic minority groups are also more likely to have home broadband and a mobile phone, although they are less likely to watch TV and listen to the radio, compared to the British population as a whole.

Programmatic buying with a manual touch

Joinville gives you transparent access to thousands of premium global and local websites. With a mix of premium sites, partner networks and sites on the global ad exchanges we’re able to pinpoint and find multicultural online users better than anybody else.

The sites are 100% visible, and are segmented into precise categories, so you can choose the most relevant for the audience segments you need to reach. But they are all available through Joinville, so you get the efficiency of reaching your audience again and again.

And of course, we also provide integration and certification with all top ad platforms (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook and more).
At Joinville two trading specialists will be working on your campaign at any one time to make sure campaign optimization happens every day.

Ad server & media channel agnostic

We are completely ad server and media channel agnostic: we are integrated with and certified by all major platforms.

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