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Product Updates - Mundo Has Arrived!

After over a year of planning, building, mapping, deploying and iterating, we finally launched our latest product last week - the vertical advertising platform Mundo. We are slowly onboarding more users (we started by inviting some partners, friends and even family members to start testing) to it as we want to gather feedback and iterate the platform fast and in a very agile manner. Mundo was built to solve the challenge of finding channels and mediums to target smaller and more niche target groups - as a marketer you many times know what or who is your target group but finding where to market to this group is much more challenging. Mundo is built to solve the where? question. Mundo does not focus and target on broad target categories like "Travel" or "Shopping" - instead it focuses on sub segments of that like "US Hispanic Sports Fans" or "Polish Shoppers UK". Get it? The platform targeting drills down to harder-to-find audiences and sites where the targeting has been validated via Joinville's historical campaign data from over +1B impressions across various supply-side networks and direct publishers. That reach coupled with world-class ad fraud monitoring platforms makes Mundo a brand-safe environment for advertiser's marketing campaigns.

Global User Base

So far we have gathered quite some global interest with users ranging from Sydney, Australia across Asia and Europe to Chicago, US in the west that have signed up and are using the platform for multicultural advertising. Or any other vertical market activity they are after. We actively ask users to request the target audiences they want so we can add them to our targeting filters and make Mundo even broader in it's approach. Our global users map so far.

Sports Marketing, Gaming/eSports, LGBT and a lot more

Are you a sports marketer selling merchandise? Or an ad agency trying to find niche gaming communities to promote the latest eSports game? Mundo has got you covered. If it has advertising tags on the site, Mundo can find it. We promise.  

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Written by Niklas Nikolaidis

Niklas Nikolaidis is the founder of Joinville; a trading desk and SaaS ad platform that powers digital multicultural campaigns via direct and programmatic media buying.