First Mundo Updates for 2016

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First Mundo Updates for 2016

February 18, 2016 Mundo 0

For many of us in the advertising industry, the year is still in the planning phase. During this time, we have been hard at work with being able to provide you with some help in running your campaigns in 2016.

As you might know, last October we released the pre-beta for our Mundo. Just in case you missed it, Mundo is our vertical advertising platform ideal for marketing worldwide. Mundo provides you the ability to get the most out of your target audience.

So, if you haven’t tried out Mundo yet, our beta is still up and running, loaded with $30 in credit for you to use free of charge!

That being said, we won’t be stopping just yet with the pre-beta for Mundo. We have been listening to the feedback we have received so far, and intend to use that feedback to further improve our platform.

With that, we will be updating Mundo on a monthly basis as well as updating you all with the latest development from our platform.

Here are a few of these updates thus far.

Create Tracking Tags

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Introducing our first update: creating tracking tags for your campaigns! With this feature we have provided the ability to create 3 types of tracking tags for your campaigns.

Impression tags

Being able to view the amount of clicks and conversions in your campaign is of course a given. Adding an impression tag, however, also gives you the opportunity to track the impressions on your ads as well.

Tracking your ad impressions is a powerful metric when measuring the performance of your ads, as you can also use the data to optimize future campaigns.

Retargeting tags

Retargeting or remarketing, as many call it, is a valuable tool that enables you to retarget your ads to people who have visited your website.

This provides you with the opportunity to engage with your users as well as providing them with relevant ads as they browse the internet.

Conversion tags

Tracking conversions allows you to see how many users completes a valuable (defined by you) action such as a sign up, purchase, newsletter sign up, etc.


Pause Placements (sites)

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Optimization is one of the most important parts of managing a campaign. One of the key factors in campaign optimization is the ability to determine site performance and using that information to adjust the placements of your ads. Our most recent update in Mundo allows you to do so with the upmost ease, as demonstrated in the GIF above.


Change your daily budget/total budget/CPM + more in live campaigns

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Just as a easy as pausing placements, you can now also adjust an array of options within your campaign. Ranging from CPM bids, daily budgets, total budgets, to altering end dates for your campaigns! All of these adjustable arrangements are possible within live campaigns for you to tamper with to your hearts content.

We hope you are just as excited as we are about these updates, and they are live now for you to experiment with. Consider this merely a sneak peak of what is to come for Mundo, and please keep the feedback coming for us to include in our future updates for platform. To stay in the loop for Mundo updates, make sure you sign up for our newsletter as well.



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