Joinville Promotion: 33% Discount on your Ramadan campaign

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Joinville Promotion: 33% Discount on your Ramadan campaign

July 2, 2015 News 0

Time for a quick overview of what the holiday entails and, more importantly, how you as a marketer can benefit from this! Here at Joinville we love holidays and can’t wait to run your Ramadan 2015 campaign. Scroll down to claim your discount!

The most important ethnic holiday of the year for Muslims. For you marketers to know the basics of Ramadan quickly, we share our latest ethnic holiday infographic: Ramadan 2015 (June 18 – July 18) with you. This infographic would show you the meaning of Ramadan, how people celebrate this ethnic holiday, and how advertisers can benefit from the holiday marketing, etc. Enjoy!



18 June – 18 July, 2015


1.62+ billion Muslims worldwide

What is Ramadan and who celebrates it?

Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting, marksthe 9th month according to the Islamic Calendar. During this month, Muhammad received the revelation from Allah. Ramadan is celebrated in countries like Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Morocco and many more!

Important dates

Beginning: Hilāl (June 18th, 2015)

Typically one day (or more) after the astronomical new moon. Marks the beginning of the new month.

Night of Power: Laylat al-Qadr (July 13th, 2015)

The Koran’s first verses were revealed to the Islamic prophet Muhammed. Many Muslims pray in the night to Allah for mercy, forgiveness, and salvation.

End: Eid al-Fitr (July 18th, 2015)

Important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide marking the end of Ramadan.

Top 10 countries of Muslim population that celebrate Ramadan

Indonesia 200+ million Pakistan  178+ million India  177+ million Bangladesh 148+ million Nigeria 75+ million Iran  74+ million Turkey 74+ million Algeria 34+ million Morocco  32+ million Iraq  31+ million

Traditions and celebrations


Muslims worldwide observe this as a month of fasting, which is obligatory for adult Muslims. Muslims refrain from food, liquids, sexual activity, smoking, swearing and so on from dawn till sunset. The fasting period varies from as short as 10 hours in the southern hemisphere to as long as 20 hours in the northern hemisphere. In UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait the daily fasting period is usually around 15 hours.


The pre-fast meal before dawn.


The fast-breaking meal after sunset. Usually begins with dates to break the fast.

The Muslim travel market

Worth over US$140 billion in 2013, which is around 13% of the global travel total! Travellers from the GCC accounted for a whopping 37% of the global spend.

Top 3 halal destinations for 2015:

Malaysia, Turkey & United Arabic Emirates

Joinville’s Top Tip: Go to Malaysia for Ramadan!

  • Accustomed to accommodating the Muslim travellers need,
  • near the equator, so fewer daylight hours for fasting.

Happy Ramadan 2015!

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