We Take Online Ad Fraud Very Seriously

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We Take Online Ad Fraud Very Seriously

January 8, 2015 News 0

Online ad fraud has emerged as one of the big threats to the online advertising eco system.
Impression fraud refers to online ad impressions which are generated using bots, without any human involvement. This in turn implies that a publisher gets revenue from the sold ad placement, but the advertiser stands to lose since no human actually ‘viewed,’ the ad, which was the intent behind the ad campaign. Since programmatic inventory is bought and sold on a CPM basis, impression fraud can hurt the advertising dollars of a marketer.
There is a growing need within the industry to address and employ methods which combat impression and click fraud.

Partnering with the best ad fraud detection platforms in the industry, Joinville now works with various independent third parties to review and analyze every campaigns’ traffic. We give you the ability to tell whether an impression is real or fake even in a pre-bid environment. This means better performance and better results.

Each impression we serve is scored and evaluated against the following (and more) parameters:

  • Botnet and proxy reputation for specific IPs
  • Ad viewability >1 sec
  • Cookie stuffing detection
  • Ad stacking
  • Automated traffic detection

So when you run online campaigns with Joinville you can be assured that each and every impression is evaluated and verified to stay fraud free.

We’ve partnered with the best in the business for this:

  • Forensiq, that won the 2014 LeadsCouncil LEADER Award for Best-In-Class Fraud Detection and the 2013 LeadsCouncil LEADER Award for Innovation.
  • Integral Ad Science
  • Peer39 (by Sizmek)

Ad Fraud Detection Platforms

By doing this, we identify the sites and publishers that are delivering the highest quality inventory and best campaign performance.  Our ad fraud detection platform partners ensures each impression is a quality impression.

No matter the platform or if we are talking supply or demand side, this enables us to give our clients a complete solution that safeguards brand advertisers and inventory suppliers from the potential fraud and abuse in display, video and mobile advertising.

Contact Niklas at Joinville for more info on how ad fraud detection will improve your marketing campaign ROI today.

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