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Introducing Easy To Setup Online Brand Awareness Surveys

Joinville Introduces Online Brand Awareness and Consumer Purchase Intent Surveys Joinville Logotype (Stockholm, Sweden December 20, 2012) Joinville, the multicultural trading desk, is introducing in-banner online brand awareness and consumer purchase intent surveys as part of its product portfolio. Brand awareness surveys are usually a pretty cumbersome and expensive process to set up with data collection being done offline in interviews or through online panels. The challenge is always to find the right representation of people to interview that fits the company target market. Joinville now has a an answer to all 3 challenges: long set up process, price and right targeting. We are launching simplified in-banner Online Brand Awareness and Consumer Purchase Intent surveys that are being run online on the same sites as our client's campaigns! Now a client can get results for brand awareness uplift or consumer purchase intent changes during the lifetime of their campaign. Best of all? There's no more waiting time for survey results or long presentations about findings. You get it the same day online or in an Excel-file sent to you.

Brand Awareness Survey

How does this work? Our rich-media polling system features: » 3-5 questions for each survey » In-banner survey; Respondents answer questions in the same banner placement where they usually see ads - it's like running a normal display campaign » No waiting time for results - we send them in Excel the same day or give you access to them online Best of all? You pay a fraction of the cost normal offline brand awareness surveys cost! Contact Joinville today for more details and pricing.
Written by Niklas Nikolaidis

Niklas Nikolaidis is the founder of Joinville; a trading desk and SaaS ad platform that powers digital multicultural campaigns via direct and programmatic media buying.