Target Canadian Mobile Customers In And Around Retail Chains

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Target Canadian Mobile Customers In And Around Retail Chains

May 2, 2016 Online Marketing 0

Long before there was Google in Canada, there was retail.

For everyone, except the die-hard Game of Thrones fans, winter is definitely o.v.e.r and Spring and Summer is coming. This is good news for the Canadian retail sector where customers will be coming to the stores en masse. No matter the reason, when buying a new dress for the final day of school, upgrading your basic wardrobe (yes, we are talking about the male readers of our blog), buying gifts to family for celebrations like Diwali (South Asians) or Ramadan (Muslims), multicultural customers hit the streets to search for and ultimately buy clothes or other retail products.

deloitte digital canada

retail visible minority

Mobile search is driving the trends and everyone of us start the search on our smartphones before running to the stores. In Deloitte’s white paper “NAVIGATING THE NEW DIGITAL DIVIDE” (2015) the below graphs show how digital and mobile is increasingly influencing where we get inspiration for our retail purchases.

Business Chain Targeting

So how does a Canadian retailer come closer to target mobile customers when they actually are in-store or close by? We know that research is one thing however purchase intent can be influenced very late in the purchase cycle and for savvy digital marketers and retailers this leaves a window of opportunity. Retailers can now target people on the street as they are in a specific store or outside. How? By targeting their location and proximity to the larger business chain stores.

mobile user

Multicultural mobile users

By using cell phone operator location data, business addresses and IP address database matching we can run mobile advertising campaigns to target retail visitors with a specific message or creative once they are at a specific retail store. Let’s say 25-year-old Tracy is visiting an Apple Store in Toronto to pick up an iPad she ordered. While waiting for the tablet inside the store, she opens up her mobile browser to read new tech stories on Mashable. Now, via programmatic and hyper-local targeting, electronics retailer Y can target ads to be shown to Tracy while being in the store.

We won’t know that Tracy bought an iPad but we can guess she is interested in electronics and Apple products.

Proximity Settings

Retailer Y can target consumers at a specific store with the following proximity settings:

  • Close“: Under ~0.5 km around the specific store
  • Wider“: ~1 km around the specific store store
  • Widest“: ~2 km mi around the specific store

For the visible minority in Canada, Joinville adds a 3rd layer on top which specifies the specific minority segment enables it for targeting.

Want to know more how it’s done and how to reach Canadian retail visitors?

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