Best Ways to Target UK Indians Efficiently With Multicultural Marketing Campaigns

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Best Ways to Target UK Indians Efficiently With Multicultural Marketing Campaigns

January 13, 2014 Research 0

If you have been to the UK, especially London, I am sure you should see many British Indians there. Today the population of these Indian-born people who migrated to the UK and those born in the UK with Indian descent already exceeds 1.6 million in the UK, which is the largest visible ethnic group in the country. In London, Indians even counts as high as 6% of the total population. More importantly, UK Indians are considered as socioeconomically affluent and mostly members of the middle class. Therefore, in order to explore new market to keep the growth, any market that wants to focus on this specific group should understand how to target UK Indian efficiently when launching multicultural marketing campaigns.

Who are British Indians and what are their roles in the UK multicultural market?

Britain and India have long history together and continuous relations to influence each other economically and culturally. Many areas in both India and the UK seek stronger ties for cooperation and mutual benefits. Besides, there are strong social and cultural ties between the two nations. For example, English is one of their official languages in India and there are lots of words of Indian origin in the English language, such as bazaar, shampoo, or yoga. Besides, India is the third biggest investor in the British economy. All these connections bring the two countries closer than ever. Nowadays UK has the ethnic Indian population of more than 1.6 million, which is the fifth largest Indian diaspora, after Nepal, the U.S, Malaysia and Burma.


Who are UK Indians exactly? As the largest group of British Asians, UK Indians usually refer to those people born in the UK with Indian descent and Indian-born immigrants to the U.K. As we mentioned before, most of UK Indians are considered as middle class and according to the research of Joseph Rowntree Foundation in 2011, UK Indians have the lowest poverty rates among all ethnic groups in Britain, right after White British. BBC also has done a research in 2001, around 64.42 % of Indian-born immigrants were employed in UK, which is 10% less than the rate of employment for overall British people by then. The strong economy status and purchasing power of UK Indians makes them very attractive to many companies to develop their businesses with.

Where do most UK Indians live in the UK?

We already know it is important to target UK Indians, however how should we get started and where to find these UK Indians in UK? Similar to other ethnic groups, UK Indians also concentrates on the major cities in the UK. In London, there are more than half a million UK Indians, which counts around 6.6% of the London population. Even the city culture of London is influenced greatly by Indians. There are certain areas in London are the popular spots where Indians gather, such as Southall, Hounslow, Brent, Corydon, Ealing, Barnet, etc. In Leicester, even 18.7% of the population are Indians (2009).

Language used among UK Indians

In order to have unique advantage than other competitors and succeed in launching multicultural marketing campaigns, using right language to reach and express the audiences is the key. Since the language system of Indians is quite complex, in the UK, the most common used languages among the Indians are Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi and Bengali. This is the result to the diverse ethnic groups in India. Based on the statistics in the research paper Desh Pardesh: The South Asian presence in Britain by Roger Ballard and Marcus Banks, the largest subgroup of UK Indians are those of Punjabi origin with over 2 million people, which counts two third of South Asian direct migrants to the UK. In addition, Gujaratis are a large subgroup of UK Indians as well, and so do Bengalis (except for these are from Bangladesh) with almost 500, 000 people in the UK, especially in Tamils and Parsis. Although most British Indians are very good at English, choosing the right native language when targeting UK Indians would give advertisers unique advantage and the multicultural marketing campaign would tend to have better CTR and engagement rate.

Religions of UK Indians

According to the 2011 census, Hinduism was the religion of 816,633 people in the in England and Wales. Despite the fact that most UK Indians are Hindu, the largest Sikh community outside of India is located in the UK. There are quite many Hindu temples, such as BAPS Shri Swaninaravan Mandir London, Bhaktivedanta Manor, etc. Besides, you can find many Muslim and Christian UK Indians as well in the country.


What are the right media to target UK Indians?

We already know the demographics, languages and religions of UK Indians, in order to launch multicultural marketing campaigns successfully, which media are the best to target this specific group?

First, due to the huge influence of UK Indians to the UK society, there are many TV shows have British Indian characters, such as Skins, Hollyoaks, Goodnes Gracious Me and The Kumars at No.42, etc. Besides, there are many TV channels aimed at the UK Indians available on Satellite and Cable, such as Sony TV Asia, Star One, etc. Advertisers could choose suitable channels to distribute their TV ads in order to reach UK Indian audiences.


Besides, Radio like BBC Asian Network and other national and regional radio stations like Sunrise, Yarr Radios, Kismat Radio also aim to target UK Indians, which deserves advertisers’ attention. However, both TV ads and radio ads were difficult for advertisers to measure the actual reach to their target audiences and their engagements.

Furthermore, along with the rapid development of Internet, online media becomes a very important channel for advertisers. With the help of Joinville, advertisers can easily set up multicultural marketing campaigns to target UK Indians within very short period of time and all the clicks, conversions and engagements are measurable for advertisers, which gives them better insight to evaluate the campaign performance and brand awareness. If you are interested in online advertising market in India, please refer to our previous article.

Multicultural holiday for UK Indians – Diwali


Last but not the least, Indians from all over the world would have their biggest festival of the year “Diwali” in every autumn. Diwali in 2014 will start on Thursday, the 23rd of October and will continue for 5 days until Monday, the 27th of October. During Diwali multicultural holiday, UK Indians would celebrate it which including exchanging gifts, buying new clothes, etc. That’s why advertisers shouldn´t ignore the Diwali multicultural holiday to target UK Indians since usually it would boost the sales quite much during this period.


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