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    Multicultural Programmatic

    Programmatic Ethnic Audience Buying Backed With Data

Multicultural Programmatic Buying

Our one and only focus is to improve your ROI and campaign performance

We're a new breed of trading desk focusing on the fastest growing customer segment today: multicultural consumers. We believe in 100% transparency in everything we do.

Digital Solutions for Emerging Markets

We love creating scalable, reliable and innovative platforms that can grow with you

Remember when you had to use another agency in order to buy multicultural media? Those days are gone now! Mundo - the multicultural ad platform will solve this for you through it's unique targeting technology and self-serve UI.

Multicultural Experts

Laser-like targeting of ethnic audience groups is what we do - want to know how?

Seeing how culture affects consumer preferences and branding receptiveness for migrants worldwide, we utilize data from 1st and 3rd party sources to create optimal campaigns for our clients.

2nd & 3rd Party Data Targeting

Multicultural dataJoinville's data management platform (DMP) can enrich campaigns with 2nd party data for targeting across any vertical market.

Mobile Ads

Mobile targetingMulticultural users are leading the trends in mobile. Target users on mobile sites or via in-app advertising on specific apps on both iOS and Android.

Direct Site Buys

direct media buysWe combine programmatic buying with direct site media buying on over 320 ethnic sites for superior multicultural ad campaign optimization.

Multicultural PMPs

private marketplacesAccess the largest repository of multicultural private marketplaces (PMPs) for exclusive media buying outside of the competitive and open RTB auctions.

Great Support. Like, really, great.

customer supportListen to our clients praise - our support team is available to answer your questions quickly for successful multicultural campaigns.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertisingRun social media advertising campaigns where your audience is - on Facebook and Twitter. Targeted verticals and interest-based campaign optimization.

Video Ads

preroll videoRun highly engaging preroll video campaigns on targeted, ethnic video sites where users are viewing their favourite content.

Zip Code & DMA

zip code targetingGranular geographic targeting down to global zip codes, regions and DMA's (Designated Market Area). Available for both desktop and mobile users.

Programmatic Access

programmatic accessAccess to programmatic platforms for global reach and immediate scalability of RTB campaigns.