The Vertical Ad Platform – Mundo

Mundo. The self-serve ad platform for vertical online advertising

Mundo is a proprietary ad platform built from the ground up with unique vertical targeting features native in the UI. Mundo enables niche marketers, vertical media planners and multicultural marketing agencies to execute vertical (niche) audience campaigns directly on desired niche sites and not via 3rd parties or middlemen. Mundo has global reach as it’s integrated into the backbone of the world’s largest ad exchanges and Joinville's expanding publisher network (300 sites and counting). It's built to be scalable, brand safe, user friendly and able to integrate various other system and partner platforms for superior performance and reach.


Campaign Dashboardsvertical campaign dashboard

Mundo is an all-in-one campaign management ad platform for agencies and advertisers that includes everything you need to create, optimize and report on niche marketing campaigns across desktop and mobile platforms from a single interface. With a unique targeting filter, global server network for fast ad delivery and programmatic access, Mundo provides all components needed to manage high-impact campaigns.    
audience targeting

Unique Audience Targeting - Brand Safe Inventory

When you create campaigns and ad groups in Mundo, the audience targeting is already set up and ready for targeting and immediate deployment. Each audience filter is transparent pre-flight. All inventory used are cleared from blacklists and operates in a brand safe environment. Examples of audience filters available are Multicultural/Ethnic, Hispanic, Male, Female, Sports fans, Gamers and many more.

ad reports

Detailed Targeting & Transparent Reporting

The core of Mundo is its targeting functionality. Powered by the data derived from hundreds of Joinville's vertical campaign flights across North America, Europe and Asia, the audience targeting is automated and zoomed in to support extremely granular targeting. Quickly drill down into a campaign and see all the corresponding ad groups you manage, along with their performance. This makes it easy for you to track your global spend across each website and campaign. Mundo supports 3rd party ad tags for agency reporting and full transparency.  

Mobile Targetingmobile advertising

  Mobile is running past desktop usage so your mobile pages need to be up to the challenge. Mundo is. All Mundo campaigns can be split into desktop or mobile, targeting devices or mobile operative systems.    
  impression map

Click & Impression Maps (coming soon)

Show click and impression data of campaigns overlaid on maps for your detailed geographic campaign statistics and performance tracking. Zoom in and understand geographic variables to your campaign performance data.



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Mundo Is Unique

Designed for marketers and media buyers to target vertical audiences on desktop and mobile devices, Mundo is the first self-serve ad platform combining vertical, niche targeting, global reach and scale for advertisers in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK or any other market worldwide. Mundo uses behavioral and demographic data to target ads at specific audiences, producing results like never before.