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Looking Beyond Cultural Festivals in Ethnic Marketing

Looking Beyond Cultural Festivals in Ethnic Marketing In his now famous book, The Culture Code, Clotaire Rapaille explains how Nestlé used his help to start selling coffee in Japan. They contacted this French-American psychoanalyst and marketing consultant when Nestle was unsuccessful in making the Japanese buy coffee. Rapaille soon discovered that the Japanese had no…
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October 25, 2016 0

Online Marketing Infographic: Multicultural Marketing in Canada

Although Canada is the second largest country in the world by area, it only makes up around 0.5% of the world’s population. Until December of 2012, the overall population in Canada was over 35 million and foreign-born Canadians count around 20% of the total population. That 7 million population multicultural market represents huge market potential…
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January 8, 2014 2

Best Tips for Marketers to Launch Multicultural Marketing Campaigns in Australia

It is definitely not easy to find another country in the world like Australia that ethnic groups take really high percentage of the overall market. In 2013, statistics shows almost 27.7% of Australia´s 23 million people were born overseas (6.4 million), which represents a multicultural market. This means when business enterprises or government agencies want…
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January 1, 2014 0

Multicultural Marketing: How to Target Chinese People in the UK Efficiently?

Don’t know if you have heard an expression, “there are Chinese people in wherever human exists”. Although it is a joke, there are Chinese people living in other places than in China, you can see Chinese people not only in Asia, Europe, North America, but even in some remote areas of Africa. In fact, a…
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May 28, 2013 0