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Get ready for Chinese New Year Marketing: Joinville Launches China Premium Inventories, Cooperating with AdChina

Just in littler over half a month comes the Chinese New Year 2015 and many global brands already planned their marketing campaigns to make use of this multicultural holiday, raising the brand awareness to Chinese audiences and generating more sales. For example, as China is becoming its most important market and keep growing, Apple just released its new…
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February 10, 2015 0

Ethnic Holiday Infographic: Ramadan 2014

The most important ethnic holiday of the year for Muslims – Ramadan already started last weekend (June 29th, 2014 in Saudi Arabia, starting dates vary in different countries). For you marketers to know the basics of Ramadan quickly, we share our latest ethnic holiday infographic: Ramadan 2014 (June 29 – July 28) with you. This…
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July 4, 2014 0

Multicultural Holiday Infographic: Cinco de Mayo

As you may know, one of the biggest multicultural holiday in the U.S. would come soon, Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo means “fifth of May” in Spanish, which is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride nowadays in the United States and Mexico, especially in the state of Puebla. This year the date for…
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April 30, 2014 0

Weekly Tip: Ethnic Holidays – An Important Part of Multicultural Marketing

In multicultural marketing, working with ethnic groups requires knowledge about culture and precision in planning. It is important that marketers understand and take into consideration various cultural elements and traditions such as habits, language use, specific interests, celebrations, holidays, and so on. Interest in the use of knowledge about ethnic holidays in multicultural marketing is…
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April 17, 2014 0

Multicultural Holiday Infographic: Traditional New Year in Thailand – Songkran festival

Arguably the world’s biggest water fight will take place this weekend/beginning of next week in Thailand to celebrate New Year. During three public holidays, April 13, 14 and 15 (although often celebrating the whole week) Thailand turns into a huge party with many traditional activities, such as visiting Buddhist temples, preparing food, cleaning home and…
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April 10, 2014 0

Multicultural Holiday Infographic: How do Eastern Orthodox Christians Celebrate Easter Holiday?

Only a few weeks before Easter holiday (April 20, 2014) comes.  As you may know, Easter is a Christian festivity of the Jesus Christ resurrection, which is widely celebrated by predominantly Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox countries. Eastern Orthodox is very influential among many Southern and Eastern European countries and Easter holiday is a very important part…
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March 31, 2014 0

8 Facts about the Persian & Kurdish New Year Nowruz You Should Know (Infographic)

This week comes the most important ethnic holiday for the Persian and Kurdish communities – Nowruz (20th of March). There are more than 187 million people celebrating the new year Nowruz nationally and globally. Are you curious about how Iranian people celebrate their biggest holiday of the year? Then check out our newest multicultural holiday infographic and find out…
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March 20, 2014 0

Multicultural Marketing: How to Target Overseas Japanese the Right Way?

Japan is well known for its innovation and success in the production of quality products as well as the ability to market them globally. On the other hand, Japanese consumers are considered for many brands and advertisers as well-educated, tech-savvy, brand-oriented loyal customers with high income level who value quality and service much. Although Japanese…
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March 10, 2014 0

Multicultural Holiday: Guide to Multicultural Marketing on Vietnamese New Year (Tết)

In only less than two weeks, the most important multicultural holiday of the year Tết   (Vietnamese New Year) for Vietnamese would come. No matter if people live in Vietnam, or Vietnamese immigrants live in other countries, they would celebrate the arrival of spring on that day and this multicultural holiday season is usually the peak…
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January 20, 2014 0

Best Ways to Target UK Indians Efficiently With Multicultural Marketing Campaigns

If you have been to the UK, especially London, I am sure you should see many British Indians there. Today the population of these Indian-born people who migrated to the UK and those born in the UK with Indian descent already exceeds 1.6 million in the UK, which is the largest visible ethnic group in…
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January 13, 2014 0