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The Secrets to Getting Niche Audience Targeting Right

Niche marketing poses plenty of challenges for the uninitiated. However, whilst niche audience targeting may require a little more attention to detail, it has the potential to bring a whole host of benefits to specialized industries and esoteric markets. Online advertising has traditionally struggled to bring niche marketing into the open, and a cloud of secrecy has surrounded those who have succeeded where many others have failed. Thankfully however, we're here to disperse that cloud and let you in on a few of those secrets so that your next niche targeting campaign is a resounding success.

Know Your Market, Intimately

Usually the first step for any marketing campaign is to define your audience and market. However, simply profiling possible customers or categorizing users is simply not enough when it comes to niche targeting. A much more proactive approach must be implemented. Thankfully, this is relatively simple in the digital age. Start interacting with your target audience through social media, illicit feedback and suggestions for products or services through relevant forums and finally (and perhaps most importantly) talk to your niche audience and identify their wants, needs and hopes. Don't deal with faceless statistics, get your hands dirty with a little human interaction - it will most certainly pay-off

Call in the Experts

If you are yet to build a large customer database, then why not reach out to bloggers and other experts in your specified area. This method is particularly effective when you can offer a product that provides a solution to existing problems and questions. So, identify your USP and bring something that people want to the table - experts in that field will bite your hand off to inform their followers and fans. Here, a well placed blog post or recommendation could send your audience in the right direction and provide you with increased traffic and exposure for your products and services.

Get Sharing

By now, people are well aware of the effectiveness of viral marketing and the power of sharing. An extremely useful tool, and something that programmatic marketing simply cannot replicate alone, viral marketing can make-or-break a campaign. So then, it's up to you to take the lead and make your online advertising irresistibly shareable. Make your content catchy and your images jump out of the page. Twitter is also extremely useful for spreading succinct and memorable messages to your followers. Hitting the right note can mean an explosion in traffic for your website or portal - you just need to get the ball rolling with those 70 character explosions.

Placement, Placement, Placement

Once you've defined your target audience and called in the experts, you should have a better idea of exactly where you should be placing your message. Of course, you'll want to ensure the language you are using is also suitable for your targets, however, catching the eye of your audience is also paramount. Niche marketing, whatever the industry, will often require niche publications and portals. It's your job to leave no stone unturned in your search for the perfect place holder for your all-important message.

And Finally...

Of course, there can be no substitute for good old fashioned persistence. Niche audience targeting can be a slow business, not least because there are simply less of your targets to reach out to in the first place. You'll need to keep plugging away until your message is heard by the right people. However, don't be discouraged if this takes longer than expected or that your message seems to be falling on deaf ears. Simply tailor your budget and resources to fit - you'll find it pays off in the end. Looking for help with niche audience advertising? We can help you!
Written by Joinville

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