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New Study Links US Hispanic Marketing Focus Among CPG/Retail Companies to Overall Corporate Growth

The new study from The Voice of Hispanic Marketing has been released and it revealed a positive connection between corporate Hispanic marketing and revenue growth specific for CPG and CPG-based retail companies. The data showed a significant difference in the revenue growth rate attained by CPG companies with a higher focus to the Hispanic market than those corporations who focus less. The study analyzed the top 500 overall U.S. advertisers between 2006 and 2010. The regression model showed similar correlation findings and significance levels for the CPG set of companies when tested against the full sample of consistent top advertisers for the same time period. The study found, with a 95 percent confidence level, that among CPG brands, the share of overall marketing resources dedicated to the booming Hispanic segment explains about a third of their overall revenue growth. Read more here: Marketwatch
Written by Niklas Nikolaidis

Niklas Nikolaidis is the founder of Joinville; a trading desk and SaaS ad platform that powers digital multicultural campaigns via direct and programmatic media buying.