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TubeMogul’s Programmatic Video Ads Transform AdTech

From its conceptualization in 2007, TubeMogul began as a video distribution tool for content creators and, over the years, has evolved into a brand advertiser with proprietary analytics tools designed to enable brands to develop sophisticated programmatic ad campaigns. By leveraging the power of the twentieth century living room audience and modernizing it for consumption by the digital world, TubeMogul creates the "programmatic living room" for brands to captivate. Offering several solutions, such as, cross-channel advertising, programmatic TV, digital out of home, and creative advertising services, TubeMogul remains at the forefront of programmatic video ads, as evidenced by their collection of prestigious awards. The launch of their most recent product, Select Access, simplifies ad inventory management in a unique way. As the result of their innovative product offerings and subsequent partnerships, TubeMogul(TUBE) has realized an 8.62% increase in share price over the past month.

What is Programmatic?

Considering you're on this page, you probably have an idea what programmatic entails. If not, we've got you covered. Programmatic advertising is the use of real time data to automate the advertisement buying decision making process, allowing marketers to retain an unprecedented level of control over their ad strategies and tactics. The exclusive use of data allows brands to rely on numbers, not guesswork, and to hyper target the reach, increasing efficiency and scalability. The other, more recent component of programmatic advertising is that over half of programmatic ads are being transacted directly between the ad buyer and the publisher. Programmatic direct advertising is expected to grow by nearly 50% this year, reaching $15.43 billion. If you reached the end of this paragraph and you still find yourself a tad bit confused by what programmatic means, read more in one of our previous short-and-sweet blog pieces by clicking here. You will also get some bonus knowledge into what the heck RTB is!

What Does Select Access Mean for AdTech?

TubeMogul's launch of Select Access allows brands to manage existing advertising deals within a private marketplace within the platform. The solution includes two differentiated components, On Demand, and Custom Access. On Demand automates deals between advertisers and publishers in real time and Custom Access allows for the merging of existing deals with the platform, while enabling new direct deal negotiations in seamless transactions. The Select Access product promises to deliver many of the same solutions delivered by new platforms in the growing FinTech industry, such as:
  • Control over private marketplace
  • On demand results without 1:1 negotiations
  • Direct reservation requests from the private platform
  • Holistic approach across inventory sources
  • Maximized on target delivery
  • Unified site level reporting transparency
  • Data driven optimization tools
Prior to the availability of tools, such as Select Access, for an advertiser to purchase a significant amount of inventory, various deals with publishers had to be negotiated, requiring extensive time and resources. The primary benefit of the Select Access tool is that marketers can direct buy with over 50 well known publishers at the same time. TubeMogul has agreements with major networks such as, Discovery Communications, A+E Networks, and Univision and the product has been tested by major brands, including 3M, Famous Footwear and Lenovo. The increased transparency and direct control associated with the new product will serve to attract publishers who have not employed the exchange model to date.

Case Study

Dannon, the yogurt giant, recently entered into a one year contract with TubeMogul in an effort to maximize ad targeting while automating buying processes. The initial campaign was for the promotion of Dannon's Activia yogurt line and was designed to serve videos directly to a segment based on age and gender. The initial results were an undisputed success and the numbers tell the story. When Dannon learned that the campaign targeted the desired audience nearly 90% of the time, they committed to use the data driven solution for all other product lines by the end of 2016. Adding data layers to the brand's advertising campaign allows for a drilling down on a very specific segment in a way that has not previously been successfully achieved. L'Oreal USA, MyWebGrocer, and Lenovo are other big brands currently looking for big results from TubeMogul's newest product and as technology within the programmatic industry expands, we can expect many more big brands to take advantage of future AdTech to come.
Written by Stephanie Lindgren

Steph has a knack for video games, photography and urban exploration. She spends her free time in her apartment that smells of rich mahogany, and is filled with many leather bound books.