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Using the term Ethnic VS Multicultural marketing

An increase in the number of multicultural populations has revolutionized the manner in which brand marketing campaigns are conducted, highlighting the importance of multicultural marketing. In the world of marketing professionals, the use of multicultural is more preferable in comparison to ethnic. For instance, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) holds annual Multicultural Excellence Awards ceremonies. These awards are used as inspiration and for the encouragement of the various marketers to produce campaigns that are suitable and acceptable to multi-cultural audiences. These awards are usually spread across ten categories to make sure that everybody is incorporated. The correct marketing strategies and campaigns are designed to target all their target audience regardless of their religion or other kinds of backgrounds. With the population of the world growing and diversity increasing, countries such as the UK have noticed that a large segment of the multicultural population is reported to have over $300 billion of disposable income. Something to keep in mind though, is that the word ethnic is used more often than multicultural in regards to marketing compared to the US. In the US, ethnic has many negative associations because some population segments consider the term to be a replacement of the retrogressive 'colored' term. Due to the negativity associated with the word ethnic, the word has been replaced with multicultural in the American marketing campaigns and strategies. It is evident from the widespread searches for ethnic marketing that a majority of these results will be worded with multiethnic or multicultural marketing in place of the term ethnic marketing, but it is still important to keep in mind which term to used based on your marketing campaigns location. ethnic marketing multiculturalmarketing terminologies culture diversity people poc peopleofcolor countries languages identity Using the term 'multicultural' marketing is ideal for businesses since it incorporates all people from every background regardless of their race, skin color and even physique. A multicultural community is a readily acceptable term since it is not subjective. It does not act as a hindrance to access privileges and services of various kinds based on backgrounds. Everybody in the world has their ethnic background. Ethnicity should only be used as a form of identity for the different people in the US and not as a way to downgrade other races. In the United Kingdom, the number of school going children for instance in London 55% of them have other backgrounds other than European or Caucasian. The increase in the number of people from other parts of the world in the US and the UK has shifted the marketing paradigm. There is an extensive need to make sure that the marketing campaigns are not offensive to anybody regardless of their background. Business owners and companies are investing in the services of experts to come up with the most effective marketing campaigns that are acceptable to every person in the demographic segments. In the United Kingdom, the term ethnic is widespread since it is used as a form of identity rather than the negativity associated with it in the United States. Nonetheless, in the marketing and political arena, the term multicultural ethnic is widely acceptable in comparison to the word ethnic that is associated with racism to some extent in the US. People who are not Caucasian are referred to as other whenever they apply for anything ranging from official to other forms of daily life services. Though ethnic data is important to assist the government in planning and delivering some services, it is not desirable when used for public relations purposes. Therefore, the multicultural ethnic term is entirely inclusive of all ethnic backgrounds. It is not considered to be offensive by anybody in the cross-cultural demography. Business owners and companies, as well as politicians, are advised to take heed of the ethnicity of their audience to avoid including offensive utterances in their campaigns. A non-offensive campaign will gain more popularity and success as opposed to that which is offensive to some extent. Thus to remain professional, the multicultural ethnic terminology should be used to replace 'ethnic' always. Though the UK uses this 'ethnic' word more than the US, the non-Caucasians are always disgruntled whenever referred to as of ethnic backgrounds.
Written by Stephanie Lindgren

Steph has a knack for video games, photography and urban exploration. She spends her free time in her apartment that smells of rich mahogany, and is filled with many leather bound books.