Multicultural Marketing Industry Survey 2014 – Trends & Results

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Multicultural Marketing Industry Survey 2014 – Trends & Results

October 15, 2014 White Paper 0

Stockholm, Oct. 16, 2014Joinville, the Stockholm-based startup transforming the digital multicultural marketing industry, has today published their “Multicultural Marketing Industry Survey 2014”.

Joinville created the marketing industry’s first survey on trends and demographics on the marketers moving the niche sector forward. 234 responses were collected from marketing professionals in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific working in the multicultural marketing industry.

The survey in short

The survey’s purpose was to shed light on the multicultural marketing industry where marketers target minority segments that have different consumer preferences than the mainstream consumers.

Joinville Multicultural Marketing Industry Survey 2014A typical multicultural marketer is male, 35-44 years of age with a post-graduate degree and who has worked approximately 10 years in the industry.

Said Niklas Nikolaidis, founder and VP, Sales of Joinville.

Media buying trends include social media advertising (Facebook/ Twitter) targeting multicultural audiences – the majority of the marketers plan to increase the digital spend 2014 (68%) followed by an increase in (offline) ethnic event marketing activities (40%).

The highest rated multicultural target audience across all regions were US Hispanics, (due to the considerable opportunity and US purchasing power), followed by South Asians, East Asians, African Americans and Arabic audiences.

Multicultural marketing has been a distinct area of marketing for the last 30 years but very little is known on the people driving this industry forward. As the industry grows in importance and volume, Joinville created the Industry survey with the aim to establish multicultural marketing industry benchmarks and see industry trends and demographic profiles of professionals in the sector.

Said Niklas Nikolaidis, founder and VP, Sales of Joinville.


Founded and based in Stockholm, Sweden, the company is running multicultural display, mobile and video campaigns for clients across North America, Europe and EMEA.

About Joinville

Joinville is a hybrid independent media trading desk specialized in multicultural and global online advertising together with a SaaS platform for multicultural self-service campaigns. A next generation advertising company that takes the pain out of traditional multicultural marketing. Available as a Managed service or as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Joinville enables companies to target emerging consumers and audiences online in new ways. The service is available globally.

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